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What's the fun in being sick if you can't laugh?
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So you're sick. Your life sucks. Pfft.

Some of us want to have fun anyway. Laugh. Deal. And share.

A few simple rules:
1.) Keep it PG-ish. No one wants to read about your sexual exploits... unless they're funny, in which case, put them under a cut with a warning.

2.) Laugh. Be funny. Don't just whine about being sick. It sucks. We get it. "My life sucks." is not funny. "OMG i broke a nail my lyf totlly sux!!!111" is more acceptable, but only if you actually have something legitimate to whine about, and are parodying stupidity.

3.) Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others. Do NOT laugh at others in the community (except if they're funny). Keep it civil toward each other.

4.) No comparing diseases amongst yourselves. No saying that you have it worse than someone else.

5.) Disabilities are welcome too. It's titled sick humour, but that's because I thought the name was mildly clever.

6.) This is especially aimed at those whose illnesses affect them a fair amount. We're not going to kick out anyone unless they're obscene, but its goal is to laugh at the illness, which is hard to do if you barely notice it.

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